Professional Bird Deterrent Spikes

3 Pin Bird Spikes

Mastermark’s very own superior anti-bird spikes, Masterspikes™, proudly designed and made in Singapore.

Built with superior quality and durability, it is able to maintain its effectiveness despite rain or shine. Enhanced pin angles allow total exclusion of perching birds and are visually inconspicuous. Our spikes are easily customisable to fit different configurations of carious areas such as building ledges, pipes or beams, roof gutters and eaves.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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  • UV-stabilised polystyrene base

  • Stainless steel 1.5mm pins – less prone to bending

  • Heat inserted pins to prevent pins from falling off over time

  • Screw or glue mountable

  • Wide base for better glue contact

  • Flattened pins for durable pin grip

  • Available in 12 inch / 1 foot strips

  • Easy snap off sections for adjusting lengths

  • Square pins that are gentle on birds


2 Pin – for ledges up to 5"

3 Pin – for ledges up to 6"

4 Pin – for ledges up to 7"

Base colours

Home Pack – 10 pcs

from S$52


from S$395

2 Pin – 110 pcs

3 Pin – 100 pcs

4 Pin – 70 pcs






After years of developing some decent spikes, here's to sharing it with you. Try it out for yourself to see (or not) the difference! Our inconspicuous spikes are made with heat inserted Stainless Steel pins to ensure its durability. 


If you have any questions on bird control, about Masterspikes or any of our other products, need advice on how to bird proof or any installation guidance, simply drop us an email at and we'd be happy to help!

Masterspikes come with a 2 year product warranty and are made from high quality, durable Stainless Steel and Polystyrene. Its pins are heat inserted assuring better weight pressure on its pins and keeps it from falling out over time. 

Find out what's the best solution for your bird problem, be it pigeons, mynahs, sparrows, crows or other birds. We'd be happy to provide tailored help. Drop us an email, text, call here.


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