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Looking to reduce the pigeon population?

Let's face it, pigeons reproduce really quickly. But here's how we can reduce their population without using inhumane practices. 

Ovistop is an innovative contraceptive that reduces feral pigeon populations by controlling their fertility. Unlike trapping or culling, Ovistiop controls pigeon numbers without any suffering and is deemed more effective.

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humane 'birth control' method for birds

Ovistop is a veterinary medicine prepared using natural maze kernels to which is added a very low concentration (0.08%) of Nicarbazin, an active ingredient for birth control of birds. A consumption by the pigeon of 8–10g a day for at least 5 days a week totally inhibits eggs hatchability in treated pigeons.

Ovistop chart

a contraceptive with no side effects plus birth reductions of up to 80% in 4 years

simple, effective and safe

cost friendly method
— reduced management costs

improvement in town living quality

no risk to humans or other birds

no harm to pigeon health or environment

Why it works?

Typical Pigeon population 

Ecologically, pigeons are a strategy “R” species which is to say that they are characterized by a high right of reproduction but also an elevated rate of “infant” mortality. If we work with 8gr/day/pigeon with Ovistop we put the brakes on dominant reproducers, babies will disappear rapidly due to elevated natural mortality and subdominant reproducers will continue to disappear gradually.


The consequence is that in the first year of treatment we will have a reduction of approximately 20-30% and after 4-5 years, a reduction of 80% of the initial population. This reduction pattern has been repeated in all of the Ovistop control programs that have been implemented. 


Low mortality; Reproduce successfully


Reproduce occasionally


Hight mortality; Do not reproduce

After 1 year
20–30% Population Reduction
After 4 to 5 years
60–80% Population Reduction

How to start on the Ovistop Program?

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Automatic Feeder

1. Survey the situation

Before starting treatment, collect the data that determines the dynamic of the population of pigeons:

/ census of pigeons

/ fountains

/ feeding point

/ locations of major colonies.


According to the analysis of this data, the location of automatic delivery devices containing Ovistop and the daily dose to be delivered is decided.

2. Start Treatment

Before administering Ovistop, for two weeks, provide corn free of treatment. That way you are able to confirm that you have elected the adequate location and that the pigeons will actually eat. Once verified, substitute the regular corn with the Ovistop treatment.

3. Follow-up

Periodically refill dispensers, verify they are working properly and do pigeon censuses so as to adjust the dose and ensure that treatment is developed properly.

4. Review

Towards the end of treatment, a new census is performed that - by comparison with the initial census -permits the evaluation of the results. This census is done according to the reticles transects methodology established in the biography and accompanied by municipal technicians attesting to the results. It is repeated several times to ensure reliable results are obtained.