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our story

We started as a humble bird control agency back in 1981. Through the years, Mastermark has grown to become the only dedicated Wildlife and Bird Management Specialist in Singapore, providing an array of wildlife services for various industries and sectors. We have worked with hundreds of organisations, both government and private clients to provide effective measures to both urban and aerodrome wildlife conflicts. 


Our extensive experience has equipped us with methodologies that will keep the balance between wildlife and the urban environment, providing implementable solutions for you. Upholding animal welfare with our utmost regard.

Afterall, we are animal lovers too.

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our products

As experts in the field, we are able to pick out what's right and make stuff that works. The only reason why we know what's good is because we use them too!

Our curated range of wildlife and bird proofing products consist of products that are designed and manufactured by us and products imported from trusted partners. We only provide products that, when used correctly, are humane and safe for animals.

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