Mastermark’s range of bird netting are visually inconspicuous and acts as an effective physical barrier for easy installation onto buildings, open doorways and under-roof sections.
Every bird netting has been manufactured with quality and durability to withstand weather conditions including sun exposure, UV Rays and frequent rain


grid sizes

3/4" (19mm) — House Sparrows, Asian Glossy, Starlings

1 1/8" (50mm) — Asian Glossy Starlings, Mynahs, Pigeons

2" (75mm) — Crows, Herons, Egrets



material   /   High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Multi-twine knotted 6-ply

melting point   /~135ºC

break strength  /   20kg per twisted strand

size of netting   /    1 roll – 50ft by 50ft

Mastermark Bird Netting 2" Grid

PriceFrom $130.00
    • Effective against all bird species

    • UV Stabalised to withstand harsh weather

    • Flame retardant to reduce flammability

    • Rot resistant to bacteria, mildew and other micro-organisms

    • Nearly invisible in most situations

    • Low profile installation

    • Black in colour to lower visibility of netting, maintaining overall building aesthetics

    • Humane form of bird barrier