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Introducing our Pigeon Control Alphachloralose Powdered Mung Beans: an effective solution for dealing with nuisance birds while prioritising their well-being. This product acts as a bird sedative, temporarily immobilising the birds rather than causing harm or fatality.


Key Features:

  • Selective Action: Alphachloralose enables the capture and controlled removal of nuisance pigeons, while ensuring the safe recovery of non-target birds.

  • Targeted Dosing: Pre-measured amounts prevent overdosing and ensure the well-being of pigeons.

  • Temporary Immobilisation: Alphachloralose gently sedates pigeons, allowing for safe capture and relocation, minimising any potential negative effects.

  • Ideal for Pigeons: Alphachloralose Mung Beans are specifically dosed for effective pigeon control.


Active Ingredient: Alphachloralose 2.5%
Toxicity: Toxic
Type: Coated Mung Beans
Product Size: 1kg packs


For international users, we strongly advise checking your country's specific regulations to confirm whether Alphachloralose is an approved substance. Additionally, please consult with your local authorities to ensure legal importation, as this product is of plant origin.


Please note that we are unable to offer refunds if the product is rejected by your country's customs or regulatory authorities during the importation process.

Pigeon Control: Alphachloralose Coated Mung Beans