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Bostik High Tack H785 Adhesive (formerly Den Braven High Tack) is a high quality, professional adhesive with an extremely high initial tack. It is a perfect complement to our bird spikes, Masterspikes™, making installation quick and easy.

Applicable on most building materials, indoor or outdoors, and it is able to withstand constant temperatures of up to 40ºC. One tube of Bostik High Tack, 290ml cartridge is able to install up to 15 spikes on average.


The Bostik High Tack Cartridge works ideally with the Bostik Caulking Gun applicator. 



Apply adhesive with the provided V-nozzle in a 'ventilating way' in vertical stripes with 10 - 20cm distance between stripes. Bring the materials into position and press firmly so that the adhesive is a minimum of 2 - 3mm thick between material and surface. Do not apply the adhesive in dots! Because of the high initial strength, support during curing is usually not necessary. 


Specs sheet

Bostik's High Tack H785 Adhesive