Are birds harassing your eatery? We've got the perfect solution for you. An extra shooing arm to keep those uninvited birds from reaching your unattended food.​We love birds; but not when they are sharing our meals. Birdigo does not serve to harm birds, but instead as a deterrence. It provides a lightweight swinging arm that revolves around your food to prevent them from getting close.​A simple table top solution for birds crowding at your eatery.


The new Birdigo Lite is a table top proofing device that is effective against birds weighing less than 200g. This includes Mynahs, Sparrows, Starlings, small Pigeons and more. Birdigo acts as a mediator, allowing us to co-exist with nature humanely. It is made blunt to keep all who come near, free from harm.


C-sized Batteries not included.

Birdigo LITE

PriceFrom $69.00
  • Size
    100mm base diameter
    300mm height
    350grams approximately

    (Sold separately)

    Lockable base plate to prevent theft
    Magnetiser lock key
    C-Sized Batteries